Open Mic Africa | A Tech Tour
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About The Open Mic Africa Tour

Open Mic Africa is a Pan-African tour organized by the Legatum Center at MIT to find and showcase Africa’s top innovators while developing a dialogue among local entrepreneurs, investors, and MIT mentors. Each city’s agenda will include: inspirational talks from African entrepreneurs who have successfully taken their ventures to scale; workshops on understanding customers and venture pitch training; mentoring sessions; and an “open pitch” competition where participants could win up to US$2,500 in each city.

Who We Are

The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT is a global hub for MIT students, alumni, faculty and entrepreneurs who are committed to improving lives in the developing world through principled entrepreneurial leadership.

MIT Workshops

Come learn about MIT’s renowned entrepreneurial workshops. The Open Mic Africa tour is a unique opportunity to engage our mentors and enhance your startup’s value proposition.

Open Mic Talks

The Open Mic Africa talks are led by successful MIT entrepreneurs from Africa who share their insights and experience with the public in a highly engaging way.

A Call to All Entrepreneurs Solving Local Problems

“Africa represents the fastest growing region for entrepreneurship in the world. Open Mic Africa is designed to unearth, inspire and celebrate the next generation of global technology ventures that are powering this movement. The Legatum Center community is looking forward to working with all the entrepreneurs we encounter during our
summer tour.” – Georgina Campbell, Executive Director, Legatum Center

Join Open Mic Africa

The Open Mic Tour represents a strategic pathway that allows African entrepreneurs to access unique opportunities such as cash prizes, mentoring, networking and media visibility.

$10,000 in Cash Prizes
MIT Workshops
Media Coverage
Open Mic Talks

Dakar . Cape Town . Nairobi . Lagos

Each Open Mic Africa event is held on a weekend. Entrepreneurs are invited to attend the workshops to meet with the MIT Legatum team and receive mentoring support as part of their applications to the MIT Zambezi Prize competition.

Sponsors & Supporters

Open Mic Africa is a collaborative initiative sponsored by the MasterCard Foundation and involving multiple collaborators and sponsors.


Join the MIT Legatum team for a unique event bringing together local entrepreneurs, MIT alumni, African leaders and the local tech ecosystem stakeholders.

Georgina Campbell
Executive Director, Legatum Center
Anna Omura - 200x200
Anna Omura
Assistant Director, Legatum Center
Megan Mitchell 197x197
Megan Mitchell
Fellowship & Student Programs Manager, Legatum Center
Tonton Ali_400x400
Ali Diallo
Global Programs Manager, Legatum Center
Julia Turnbull 155x155
Julia Turnbull
Fellowship Program Associate, Legatum Center
Kavan OConnor - 155x155
Kavan O’Connor
Marketing & Events Associate, Legatum Center
Tunde Alowode
Tunde Alawode
Co-Founder,  dot Learn Inc & Open Mic Africa Coordinaator
Bolaji Finnih - 250x250
Bolaji Finnih
CEO, Techpreneur Africa & MIT REAP Champion
Aditi Gutpa 157x157
Aditi Gutpa
MIT PhD Student, Global Health Innovator & Tech Entrepreneur,
Rami Abi Akl - 160x160
Rami Abi Akl
MIT PhD Student & President of the Club Francophone at MIT
Caroline Fry - 158x158
Caroline Fry
DeMIT PhD Student, Research Chemist and MIT X-Lab Member
Youssouf Sy - 315x315
Youssouf Sy
Associate Program Manager, The MasterCard Foundation


The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT is a global hub and a community for MIT students, faculty and departments who are passionate about improving lives through principled entrepreneurial leadership in the developing world. We are committed to providing education, funding and community resources that will equip our students with the skills, values and critical thinking they need to succeed as entrepreneurial change agents in the world.


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